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Dear Owner

What is Most Important To Look Out For When Appointing An Agent to Sell / Rent Your Property?

What Will Really Matter is to Appoint A Professional Agent Who Puts You F.I.R.S.T!

1 - Focus


We believe that the first step to getting your objective met is to focus on your property 

2 - Interest


We look to stand in your shoes and protect your interest throughout the process

3 - Respect


We understand that everyone has different needs and wants, thus there will not be any 'hard selling' involved

4 - Spending


We believe that substantial marketing funds should be invested in the right marketing channels to get the most reach to the right target audience

5 - Time


We aim to help you achieve your objectives and with the fastest possible time

Our Customised Marketing Plan

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Be Visible on Major Online Portals

Just merely listing your property on major portals is an easy task and is what most agents do. It requires a 1 time effort and negligible advertising costs.


HOWEVER.. to stand out from the crowd of listings and be visible is not that simple.

Reposting, Boosting, Turbo are some of the terms that major portals have come up with to ensure that only agents who are motivated in selling their listings appear at the top and stay visible to prospective buyers/tenants.

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First Impression Counts

It is crucial to minimally have good photos to properly to showcase the space of your property, especially since most property buyers will start looking online. Besides just photos, we are also able to go to the extend of shooting a home tour video or dressing up the entire unit to entice the right buyers to even make the first step to enquire about your property.


Active Methods of Reaching Out to The Right Audience

Every successful marketing campaign includes both passive and active methods.


The passive methods are to serve prospects with an intention, while active methods are to ignite that intention, be it for themselves or just spreading the word to their network who may have someone who might consider your property.


Social media marketing is one of the methods to reach out to the right target audience by appearing to the people with the right demographics and interests.


Help Buyers to Realise Your Property's Potential

For a big ticket item like a property, the price has to be justified, and often not just about 'feel'. We brainstorm and present in-depth selling angles and important comparative market pricing reports to give an extra push to get a prospective buyer to make the next step, which is to make a genuine offer.

Our S.T.A.R.S Method Checklist

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I'm more than happy to send you a copy of my S.T.A.R.S Method Checklist.

All you need to do is to TAKE ACTION NOW! Just Scan the QR Code below or Click HERE

 for a copy of my S.T.A.R.S Method Checklist.

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